The aim of our company is to provide companies and manufacturers in the fields Orthopedic shoe technology and orthopedic technology on their way to the support digital transformation.
We offer comprehensive consulting, training and new product design, to help them position themselves successfully in the digital world.
Our philosophy is based on trust, innovation and customer orientation. We are passionate about using our expertise and experience, to improve people’s orthopedic care and success to encourage our customers.
Our vision is shaped by 30 years of expertise, innovation, creativity and passion and allegiance for the OST industry.
Our way of working is agile and we react quickly to changes and customer needs. We are always looking for innovative solutions and think outside the box. We strive to provide our customers with not only excellent products and services to offer, but also to enter into an inspiring and motivating partnership. Our goal is to create a comprehensive network of suppliers, manufacturers and medical supply stores to initiate companies and master schools by sharing knowledge and resources.  In doing so, we create a community where innovation is encouraged and standards are encouraged  be established in the industry.
We look forward to an exciting future in which we can jointly exploit the opportunities of digital use transformation to provide outstanding orthopedic care for all patients and patients, to expand and stabilize our professional field,  because that is the driving force behind our professional existence.